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[Publications in German are listed here.]

Failed coup reflects divisions within German society | Interview in PWM by the Financial Times, 16.12.2022

Power in Times of COVID-19 | Medium, 31.08.2021

Interview – The relation between (political) science and political consulting | Politikum, 5/2020, Wochenschau Verlag (German)

The Politics of COVID-19: How Power Drives Everything | The European, 28.10.2020

Courage to Power! Political Praxeology as a Theory of the Successful Use of Power | Politikum, 4/2020, Wochenschau Verlag (German)

Networking between economy and politics: Foundations and Challenges in the Era of Digitalisation and Compliance | Handbook of Public Affairs, ed. Röttger/ Donges/ Zerfaß (2020), Wiesbaden: Springer (German)

Overcoming the Language Barrier between Politics and Medicine in the Corona Crisis| Handelsblatt, 22.04.2020

How power is produced | Co-Editors: Political Science Applied (PSCA), Special Issue 3/2020 (German)

Human Dignity: the Crown Jewel of the German Constitution | Civis mit Sonde, 08.05.2019

Politics – five rules for entrepreneurs | Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 08.02.2019

Germany | erschienen in: Lobbying in Europe, hrsg. Alberto Bitonti und Phil Harris, Palgrave MacMillan, 2017

Regional Approaches to Stabilisation: Stabilising the Neighbourhood – Europes Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe | with Christian Dick, Transforming Fragile States – Examples of Practical Experience, 07.2007

Expert’s Debrief: Wal-Mart vs Starbucks |Public Affairs Newsletter, 12.2004

The Necessary Good | Public Affairs Newsletter, 11.2004

Consulting Branch in a Crisis? | Public Affairs Newsletter, 06.2004

Public Discussion on Lobbying – A View from Latvia | Public Affairs Newsletter, 04.2004

From A to Z – The International Network of Political Communication in Berlin | Public Affairs Newsletter, 04.2004

New Booklet on Political Consulting | Public Affairs Newsletter, 11.2003

Lobbying by Association in Crisis | Public Affairs Newsletter, 04.2003

West Point for Politics | Public Affairs Newsletter, mit Jochen O. Keinaht, 02.2003