07.03.2024 | Discussion on „German Foreign Policy Challenges” – Tuesday Club, London, UK

30.01.2024 | Lecture and Discussion „Public Affairs“ – Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, Washington D.C.

25.01.2024 | Panel on „How to communicate peace in troubled times“ at the Basel Peace Forum 2024 – Bern, Switzerland

17.01.2024 | Introduction and Discussion on Political Strategy; „Visionen: Strategische Perspektiven auf die Zukunft des Politischen“ – AMD, Berlin, Germany

16.01.2024 | Moderation of a panel on Energepolicy; „Versorgungssicherheit“ – Austrian Embassy, Berlin, Germany


17.11.2023 |Discussion on „Global Politics between Ukraine and Gaza“ – Tuesday Club, London, UK

08.11.2023 | Talk on lobbyling strategies for associations at Andreas Hermes Akademie – Berlin, Germany

25.10.2023 | Macht Café live /w Jean-Marie Frentz – Dubai, UAE

18.10.2023 | FM.Politik with Dr. Achim Dercks – online

09.10.2023 | India@100 for German Industries – Roundtable discussion on German-Indian economic cooperation

19.09.2023 | „Experten wollen Lobbyregistergesetz weiter verbessern“– Hearing on the reform of the Germany Lobbyregister in the Bundestag

07.09.2023 | „Gemeinsam zur Energiezukunft 2050: Wie erreichen wir unsere Energie- und Klimaziele?“ – Moderating a two panels at SGES 2023 in Winterthur

29.06.2023 | „Future of Germany’s transatlantic relationship in the face of competition with China.“ – CAPinside Alternative Investment Congress, Frankfurt am Main

26.05.2023 | „Kunst und die bedrohte Freiheit – der Kampf gegen die Tyrannei des Realen“ – Opening Speech at Art Gaucin 2023

18.05.2023 | „Conflicting Visions and Interests. Germany’s quest for a new position between Russia, China, and the United States.“ – Tuesday Club London

15.05.2023 | „Current development in the German Lobby Register“ – PACE Annual Meeting, Ljubljana.

10.05.2023 | Lecture and Discussion in the Seminar “Public Affairs”, University of Bamberg.

28.02.2023 | Exclusive Roundtable Discussion w/ Jean-Marie Frentz – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

03.01.2023 | Lecture and Discussion „Six Lessons on Power: a Perspective from Political Practice and Theory“ – Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, Washington D.C.



24.11.2022 | Discussion „Finding Germany’s place in the new world order – German foreign policy between moralism and pragmatism“ – Tuesday Club London

05.11.2022 | Paneldiscussion „Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung“ for the event „Zürich meets Berlin“ during the Berlin Sciene Week

20.10.2022 | Paneldiscussion „Evolution in transparency regulation and practices and the best way forward” during the PACE yearly public affairs summit in Antwerp, Belgium

26.09.2022 | Online-Event: „Machtspiele zwischen Demos und Kapital“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Joseph Vogl

08.09.2022 | Online-Event: „Geschichtspolitik als Machpolitik“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest:  Jörg Baberowski

30.06.2022 | Talk „Trends moderner Public Affairs in Deutschland“ – VAMOS Workshop des Mittelstandsverbund ZGV e.V. and FEBRAMAT, Berlin

27.06.2022 | Online-Event: „Die Macht der internationalen Finanzströme“ – Meiers Macht Café mit Adam Tooze

04.06.2022 | „‚Face to face‘ – freedom and the power of making A brief prompt to reflect on art as dynamis“ – Opening Speech at Art Gaucin 2022

26.05.2022 | „Finding Germany’s place in the new world order – German foreign policy between moralism and pragmatism“ – Tuesday Club London

20.05.2022 | Talk and Discussion: „Demokratie: innovativ und resilient? Leadership in Stresstest“ – Berliner Forum für Ethik in Wirtschaft und Politik an der Evangelischen Akademie zu Berlin.

12.05.2022 | Online-Event: „Die Macht der Ressourcen – Segen oder Fluch?“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Ralf Fücks

28.04.2022 | Online-Event: „Macht und Transparenz – Wie viel Transparenz braucht Demokratie? – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Dr. Anna-Maija Mertens

25.04.2022 | Talk: „Reisen und Politik“ – Think Tank Meeting of the Travel Industry Club, Berlin

23.03.2022 | Online-Event: „Ist Geopolitik Machtpolitik? Was lernen wir aus der Ukraine-Krise“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Prof. Dr. Carlo Masala

10.03.2022 | „Russia and Ukraine. The German Response“ – Tuesday Club London

25.02.2022 | Conference „Professionalization of legal lobbying“ – National Council of the Republic of Slovenia and Slovene Association for Legal Lobbying (Youtube-Link, from 1:52:00)

18.01.2022 | Online-Event: „Macht und Wirtschaft – Chinas Primat der Politik“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Frank Sieren



16.12.2021 | Online Session: „Germany’s Government-Business Relations and Economy“ – Virtual Global Perspectives Residency Program / Graduate School of Political Management, GWU

02.12.2021 | Online-Event: „Die Macht der Sprache: Wie wird mit Sprache Politik gemacht?“ – Meiers Macht Café, zu Gast: Prof. Dr. Henning Lobin

05.10.2021 | Zoom-Conference: „The Future of Germany and Europe. What do the German election results mean?“ at Tuesday Club, London

19.08.2021 | „Power and Elections. A Forecast on the German Federal Elections“ – Tuesday Club, London

10.06.2021 | Clubhouse-Discussion: „Macht, Daten und Demoskopie“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Dr. Viola Neu

20.05.2021 | Clubhouse-Discussion: „Die Macht der Daten. Was bedeutet KI für die Zukunft des Regierens?“ – Meiers Macht-Café, guest: Aljoscha Burchardt

01.04.2021 | Clubhouse-Discussion: „Föderalismus: MACHT das noch Sinn?“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Matthias Haß

24.03.2021 | Online Discussion: „Das geplante Lobbyregister – Zwischen Transparenz und Diskretion“ – Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

11.03.2021 | Clubhouse-Discussion: „Macht braucht Organisation“ – Meiers Macht Café, guest: Gabriele C. Klug

01/12/2021 | Zoom-Conference: „Brexit Deal Review and Geopolitical Impact Analysis“ – Tuesday Club London

01/08/2021 | Web-Talk: „Public Affairs and Lobbying during the Pandemic“ – Central European Development Forum



12/06/2020 | Meeting with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) – Brussels

11/12/2020 | Zoom-Conference: „US Elections 2020 and global power politics“ – Tuesday Club London

10/16/2020 | Discussion of „Power in times of Covid“ – National Liberal Club, London

10/06/2020 | Roundtable Discussion: „Democracy and Covid 19 – Antagonism between Freedom and Power?“ – Catholic Academy Berlin e.V.

9/24/2020 | Book presentation of the new Chinese edition „power and it’s logic“ – Club Cercle Munster in Luxembourg

9/14/2020 | Discussion of „Power Politics in the times of Covid 19“ – Travellers Club London

6/25/2020 | Roundtable Discussion: „Logics of power in times of Corona“ – Schloss Freudental/Bodensee

1/27/2020 | How Power Is Made – Synopia Annual Conference, Paris

1/9/2020 | What’s next for Germany and Europe after Angela Merkel? – Carlton Club, London



12/4/2019 | Power: The Great Equalizer – Global WIN Roundtable Discussion, Washington DC

10/30/2019 | Power and its Logic: Key Insights – National Liberal Club, London

10/16/2019 | The Logic of Power in Transatlantic Relations – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC

9/23/2019 | Understanding Power and Politics in Europe – Key Insights for Chinese Business Innovators and Thought Leaders, German Chamber of Commerce Abroad Beijing

8/20/2019 | Informal “Brown Bag Lunch” Discussion: Power and Politics, Embassy of Switzerland in the United States of America, Washington DC

5/17/2019 | Power and its Logic – Global Governmental Relationss, PACE – Annual Conference Prague